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  • Use the extra power – up to 2,5 x more
  • On the Crest of a Wave – Efficient Cut
  • Get a Grip – ErgoTec
  • A Spring in your Cut
  • Non-stick coating


The Hedge Clippers for fast work and extra power

The Hedge Clippers 2in1 EnergyCut by GARDENA are ideal for quick cuts and give you extra power any time you need it while cutting a hedge or shrubs. At the touch of a button, you activate the engageable gear. As soon as it is switched on, the opening angle of the clippers increases, so that 2.5 times more power is converted. This allows you to cut thicker branches with little effort in no time at all. When the extra gear is not engaged, the shears are also ideal for quickly cutting thin branches. Robust, yet light materials are used for the hedge trimmer, so it has a low weight, which means you can cut longer without getting tired. Much emphasis is also placed on handling and working comfort: The EnergyCut has ergonomically designed round symmetrical ErgoTec handles that sit well in your hands. An in-built soft buffer is incorporated to absorb shocks and protect your wrists. Your hands are also always in a safe working position thanks to the optimum working angle when cutting. In addition to the practical extra gear, the blades themselves are impressive: They are made of non-stick steel and are particularly durable. Thanks to the waved grinding of the blades, high efficiency is also achieved when cutting larger areas, as leaves and twigs do not slip away but are held in the cutting area. A branch cutter is integrated at the base so you can easily cut off individual thick branches. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

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Blade length

230 mm